You Should Sell Your SUI When You Can, Says Analyst


A recent tweet from an analyst has sparked some controversy in the cryptocurrency community, with the individual labeling the SUI token as “complete vaporware” and suggesting that acquiring an allocation of anything above five billion tokens would be a great sale. The term “vaporware” implies that the token has no real value or substance, essentially branding it as an empty promise.


Sui Network has unveiled an innovative scheme, enabling its loyal community members to acquire the SUI token through the newly launched community access program. This exceptional program features special terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of SUI token.

SUI is complete vapor ware. If you get any allocation anything north of 5B is a great sale. — Hal Press (@NorthRockLP) May 3, 2023

Unlike traditional airdrops, the program incorporates diverse pricing structures, including general sales and whitelist sales. While users partaking in general sales can purchase SUI tokens at a rate of $0.1 each, Sui Champions and Supporters qualify for a significantly reduced price of $0.03 each during whitelist sales.


The SUI token will be available for purchase on popular cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin and OKX, with certain restrictions. U.S. citizens and residents are not eligible to participate, and the exchanges’ terms and conditions apply. This includes know-your-customer (KYC) and sanctions checks, as well as restrictions on providing services to individuals in specific countries.

The negative opinion expressed by the analyst may be concerning for some potential investors. However, it is essential to remember that individual opinions may not always reflect overall market sentiment or the potential success of a token. Although the analyst’s tweet suggests that SUI token is overvalued, it is ultimately up to individual investors to conduct their research and make informed decisions about whether to invest in the token.

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