Best Wireless Headphones for 2023: Bluetooth and More


Here are our current wireless headphone favorites — including some value picks.


There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to great wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. This makes the choosing the perfect pair a difficult decision. And while I can’t tell you exactly what model is right for you or your budget, I can provide you with a healthy list of the top options to help narrow down your choice. Whether you’re looking for over the ear noise-canceling headphones or true-wireless earbuds, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve tested all the models on this list and have fully reviewed several of them. If you’re looking for more refined headphones and earbuds’ best lists, you can also check out our lists of best wireless earbuds, best noise-canceling headphones, best workout earbuds and headphones and best open wireless earbuds, among many others. I’ll update this list as new top wireless headphones hit the market.


A pair of white Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones against a blue background

David Carnoy/CNET

Sony WH-1000XM5

Best noise-canceling headphones from Sony

Battery Life Rated up to 32 hoursNoise Canceling Yes (ANC)Multipoint YesHeadphone Type Over-ear wireless headphonesWater-Resistant No IP rating

When you have a product that a lot of people love, change can be risky. Such is the case for Sony’s WH-1000XM5, the fifth generation of the 1000X series headphones, which were first released in 2016 as the MDR-1000X Wireless and have become increasingly popular as they’ve improved with each generation. Over the years, Sony has made some tweaks to the design, but nothing as dramatic as what it’s done with the WH-1000XM5. Other than the higher $400 price ($50 more than the WH-1000XM4), most of those changes are good, and Sony’s made some dramatic improvements with voice-calling performance as well as even better noise canceling and more refined sound.

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David Carnoy/CNET

Apple AirPods Pro 2

Best lightweight noise-canceling wireless earbuds

Battery Life Rated up to 6 hoursNoise Canceling Yes (ANC)Multipoint NoHeadphone Type Wireless earbudsWater-Resistant Yes (IPX4 — splash-proof)

The new AirPods Pro (2nd generation) are powered by Apple’s new H2 chip, which delivers more processing power while being more energy efficient, according to Apple. The new chip, combined with new low-distortion drivers, allows for improved sound that offers better clarity and depth. The noise canceling is also improved — Apple says the new AirPods have “double” the noise canceling of the original AirPods Pro. Additionally, the new AirPods add an extra hour of battery life, up from five to six hours with noise canceling on. Plus, a speaker in the case that emits a sound that helps locate your buds via Find My should they decide to hide from you.

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The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless features a totally new design


Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

Best Sennheiser noise-canceling wireless headphones

Sennheiser’s previous-generation Momentum Wireless headphones have always had a pretty distinct look that was part retro, part modern, and stood out for the exposed metal on their headband. For better or worse, that’s all gone now, and the new Momentum 4 Wireless, Sennheiser’s flagship noise-canceling headphones, look a bit more subdued and also a bit more like some of their competitors.

The Momentum 4 Wireless offers superior performance over the Momentum 3 Wireless in every regard, though the biggest gains are with noise canceling and voice-calling performance as well as battery life, which is outstanding — up to 60 hours at moderate volume levels. There’s also a transparency mode that allows ambient sound in, as well as the ability to create a custom sound profile in the Smart Control app for iOS and Android using the built-in EQ, sound modes and a new Sound Personalization feature that “assesses the user’s listening preferences and adjusts the listening experience according to their taste.”

Equipped with 42mm drivers, Sennheiser says the Momentum 4 Wireless offer “best-in-class” sound, which is debatable. I’d say the Momentum 4’s sound quality is right there with other models in this price range — they sound excellent, with the requisite well-defined, punchy bass, relatively wide soundstage (they sound pretty open) and smooth treble that brings out some of the finer details in well-recorded tracks. They’re a pleasure to listen to.

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