Binance and Solana to Integrate ChatGPT


Binance announced the integration of the ChatGPT neural network into its educational platform, and the developers of Solana Labs unveiled the release of an AI plug-in for interaction with the blockchain network. 


Binance and Solana to Integrate ChatGPT into Products

Large Web3 companies continue to integrate ChatGPT into their products. For example, Binance launched a new OpenAI-based tool, Binance Sensei, for users of its educational platform. The technology will answer users’ questions on various topics related to Web3 technology, learning from the materials of Binance Academy. 

The developers of Solana Labs used the technology in a slightly different way. The project team announced a ChatGPT plug-in that will allow users to interact directly with Solana. In particular, the tool will let users check their wallet balance and perform transactions with tokens on the Solana network, including non-fungible tokens. 


ChatGPT will also allow users to perform other functions, such as getting a list of NFTs belonging to a certain address. The plug-in is open source, so the Solana Labs team invites all interested community members to test the capabilities of their new development. 

Major tech corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, and some others have also previously announced their own products based on the OpenAI chatbot. Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, mentioned in a recent interview the benefits of ChatGPT in operations. Blockchain security experts warn users that scammers also exploit the hype around ChatGPT. 

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